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Program Benefits

    Teachers participate in a mock trial of Mary Dyer at the Colonial America workshop.

  • $500 per year in classroom resources.
  • Annually graduated stipends ($1,300 for first year of participation). Additional $150 for active participation in 3 TAH professional learning community meetings.
  • Meals for workshops and institutes.
  • Opportunities for graduate credit and Advanced Placement U.S. history training.
  • Field trips.
  • Evening dinner seminars with historians & authors.
  • Content enrichment by award winning historians.
  • Insights into historical thinking.
  • Deeper understanding of the Delaware history standards.
  • Partnerships with area museums that provide primary source documents.
  • Collaborating on development of exemplary U.S. history lessons in lesson study settings.


    Teachers create foldables to illustrate the core understandings in the Delaware history standards.

  • Commitment to attend 2 workshops and 1 summer institute per year; minimum commitment for one year; attendance at topical seminars optional.
  • Participation in project evaluations including pre-post tests; resource survey; workshop and institute evaluations.
  • Participation in lesson studies aimed at developing exemplary, standards-based U.S. history lessons.